Customer Service Training Videos

Do you serve tourists in Southeast Idaho? If so, have your employees watch our FREE Idaho State University’s Continuing Education Workforce Training Customer Service Video Series! It gives an overview of the importance of Idaho’s tourists and how we can help ensure they enjoy their time in Southeast Idaho.

Customer Greetings (Part 1) 7:18

How can an appropriate greeting affect your customers?  This Pioneer Country Travel Council video shows the differences between good and bad customer greetings and how to get the best interaction with your customers.

Dealing with Difficult Customers (Part 2) 7:30

Difficult people—we’ve all had to deal with them before, and will again.  Using the “Stop, Look, and Listen” technique, this Pioneer Country Travel Council video shows how to handle these clients and the benefits that can be attained.

Phone Etiquette (Part 3) 6:37

Telephone calls are often the first time a customer interacts with your business—and if it goes poorly, it could be the last.  This Pioneer Country Travel Council video covers the basic do’s and don’ts of phone communication.

Regional Awareness (Part 4) 5:06

Why is Idaho a great state?  It is important for you to know what you love most about Idaho and be able to share it with your customers.  This is some of the most vital information you should have.

Finding Solutions (Part 5) 4:48

We all run into problems, but solutions are not always readily apparent.  Check out this Pioneer Country Travel Council video to learn the crucial process to finding permanent “fixes.”

Top Ten Ways to Lose Customers (Part 6) 1:43

Watch this comical take on the serious topic of losing customers.  Even though the video is funny, it shows how to keep your clients and save your business from becoming a joke.

We appreciate the work that Idaho State University Workforce Training did to produce these videos!