The city of Grace IdahoThe City of Grace is snuggled in a beautiful valley located in southeastern Idaho just thirty (30) miles from an interstate highway and one hours travel from two large cities, Pocatello, Idaho and Logan, Utah.  Grace has a population of approximately 1100 people in addition to the many families residing throughout the valley.  In general, life is not as hectic here as it is in the more urban areas and is very conducive to raising a family or retirement.

Black Canyon Scenic OverlookBlack Canyon lies a mile to the west of Grace and is truly an impressive site.  Visitors are taken completely by surprise when they first see the canyon.  It appears almost from nowhere as an astonishingly deep, narrow gorge cutting straight through solid lava rock.  Its deep pools and gentle terraces make Black Canyon a favorite spot for fisherman.  In the past, the waters of the Black Canyon have received national attention as one of the most difficult kayak runs in the country.  This is one scenic detour that should not be missed.

Niter Ice Cave near Grace IdahoNiter Ice Cave is located approximately 3 miles south of Grace just off the main highway.  Road signs point out the spot.  Thousands of years ago, a volcanic eruption formed a huge lava tube that eventually cooled to form this cave.  Early settlers in the area found the cave  a great place to store their food and collect ice all year around.  It was a favorite picnic spot and recreation site.
The Oregon Trail with authentic pioneer burial sites. This area is also known for it great hunting and fishing.  Deer, elk, geese, ducks, grouse, trout, and many other species are in great abundance.

Last Chance Canal near Grace IdahoThe ominously named Last Chance Canal runs parallel with Grace’s main street, while the mountains of the Wasatch front provide a very scenic backdrop.  The Last Chance Canal  Company was started with 64 original stockholders–Gem Valley farmers who desperately needed the life-giving waters from the Bear River to grow their crops.  Later, another dam was put in place 40 feet below the first, with money borrowed by these men, in spite of their limited resources.

Caribou County Fair and RodeoEach year, Caribou County hosts in Grace the Caribou County Fair and Rodeo the first week of August.  Among the high points of the fair are the parades.  A children’s parade is held on Wednesday of fair week.  Following the children’s parade, the public can participate in a  watermelon bust that is sponsored by the Grace Chamber of Commerce.

Caribou Highlands Golf Course, a nine hole golf course located about 10 minutes west of Grace, was opened several years ago and is still undergoing expansion.  The local geography was used to make a very unique and challenging course.

The Cultural highlight in Grace has been the creation of a Performing Arts Committee by the Grace Chamber of Commerce. Each school year they sponsor an outstanding series of cultural events that are held in the new 520 seat Gem Valley Performing Arts Center. Past participants include Michael McClean, Kerry Christensen, performers from Brigham Young University, Utah State University and Brigham Young University Idaho.

Grace Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (208) 425-3912
City Clerk (208) 425-3533