About Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism

The Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism (previously known as the Pioneer Country Travel Council) is supported by the Idaho Travel Council. It is funded through a two percent (2%) tax on the sale of hotels, motels, and private campground accommodations. We promote tourism in Region 5 which includes Power, Oneida, Bannock, Bingham, Caribou, Bear Lake, Franklin Counties.

Do you serve tourists in Southeast Idaho? If so, have your employees watch our Idaho State University’s Continuing Education Workforce Training Customer Service Video Series! It gives an overview of the importance of Idaho’s tourists and how we can help ensure they enjoy their time in Southeast Idaho.

Meetings & Membership

The Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism meets every month and is dedicated to Promoting Tourism in Region 5 Southeast Idaho.  Being a member is a great asset to you and your community to promote your town and events.  Below are some benefits of being a member.


  • Members promote their City Events and list them on the Calendar of Events page on www.idahohighcountry.org/events/.  Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism promotes all of Region 5, Southeast Idaho, by advertising in the following publications:  Idaho State Travel Guide, AAA Tourbook, True West Directory, True West Sourcebook, Idaho Travel Council.
  • Co-ops, SnoWest Guide, American Road Magazine, SLC CVB Magazine, SLC Weekly, Boise Weekly, American Bird Magazine, KSFI Radio in SLC, UT, American Road Magazine, SnoWest Western Guide, Utah Snow Scoop Magazine, RV Life, Outdoor Utah, Bird Watchers Digest, Zions Community Magazine, Trout Unlimited, GoIdaho.com, VisitSaltLake.com, Westworld Magazine and Rocky Mountain International Magazines in Germany & England.
  • Members attend Travel Shows every year to promote Region 5.  We attend the International Sportsman’s Expo and Morris Murdock Travel Show in Salt Lake City, The Utah Travel Expo in Layton, UT,  Boise Rec. Fest in ID and AAA Arizona Highways Show in Phoenix, AZ. We attend International Shows at Rocky Mountain International Round Up and Go West International Travel Show and National Travel Association Convention.
  • We focuses on directing consumers to our website for information on things to do and see in Southeast Idaho.  We update our regional website and track all hits and visitors per month.
  • Members can participate in the Small Community Brochures Program, which provides assistance with cash-match to print or re-print a community brochure. Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism is partnered with the Idaho Scenic Byway Program promoting Region 5 Scenic and Historic Byways.
  • Members enjoy Voice and Vote in guiding Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism activities for upcoming promotional opportunities.

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