Welcome to Wellness in Southeast Idaho!

Wellness is an individualized journey. As we navigate through an increasingly complicated world it becomes more important than ever to decompress and disconnect daily no matter where we are—work, home or as we travel. Although we may fantasize of a dedicated trip for a spa getaway or a weekend yoga retreat, daily wellness can be found during small authentic moments in your travels. Going for a relaxing hot mineral water soak with a friend, taking time to book a massage and facial, or finding a CrossFit class nearby are all worthwhile steps along the road to well-being.

Whether you choose to focus on the physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, or occupational dimensions individually or in tandem, there is a resource in the listings below. We have compiled this database of hyperlocal wellness services so you can create your own personalized wellness path while you visit Southeast Idaho. And along the way we hope you feel a sense of place as we share our culture and traditions with you through food, beverage, landscape, architecture, and activities.”

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What is a Wellness Retreat without Outdoor & Indoor Recreation?

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