Great fishing on reservoirs near Malad Idaho As you enter Southeast Idaho from the south on I-15 you miss one important fact, reservoirs abound. Oneida County alone has eight, so make it a point to stop at the Cherry Creek Visitor Center six miles south of Malad for full information.  The reservoirs are all within 5 to 45 minutes of I-15. Devils Creek Reservoir, near the top of Malad Pass, is stocked annually with rainbow and Cutthroat trout.  Deep Creek Reservoir is fed by runoff so Kokanee are added to the trout mix. Daniels Reservoir might challenge you because it’s managed as a trophy lake for rainbow and cutthroat trout which can give a real fight.  Crowthers Reservoir usually has a stock of rainbow trout, but largemouth bass and bluegill are part of the population as well.  Several stores in Malad offer short term licenses, equipment, and information to visitors.

Historic Evans Co-op StoreMalad City is a popular stop for tourists.  There are several major fueling stations and nice cafes.  Two markets, a pharmacy, and some nice craft boutiques surround the legendary Evans Co-op Store, which is Idaho’s very first department store. The business is proof, when Idahoans build things they build them to last. The museum, the Iron Door Playhouse and Malad City storefront swimming pool make this a lively and intriguing downtown.

Reproduced from a post card mailed in 1902 the Evans Co-op has been a landmark of this community from the beginning.

 Sage and Sharp Tail Grouse at Curlew National GrasslandThe Curlew National Grasslands in western Oneida County, operated by the federal government, is a demonstration project of how land can be reclaimed and restored to a perpetual cycle.  The Grassland maintains an abundant wildlife population.  At the western edge of the Grasslands March and June see one of natures most unusual mating rituals play out.  Sage and Sharp Tail Grouse gather as the males engage in a “dance” to attract their mates.  Now don’t you wish you had listened to your mother when she wanted you to take dance lessons?

Snowmobiling on Malad Idaho trailsFall, Winter and Spring shift attention to some of Idaho’s best hunting, off road four wheeling, camping and snowmobiling.  County, BLM, and Forest Service offices in Malad City gladly provide maps and information.

Malad businesses look forward to making your visit fantastic! Malad Chamber of Commerce 

City of Malad
59 Bannock St.
Malad, ID 83252
City and Chamber: (208) 766-4010

Cherry Creek Visitor’s Center
Milepost 7, I-15 Northbound
Malad ID 83252
(208) 766-4788

Malad Area Recreation