Soda Springs GeyserOregon Trail Oasis for Historic Tours and Outdoor Adventure!

In the summer of 1937 Soda Springs was drilling a well seeking a hot water source for a swimming pool but instead found a carbonated water source that sent a geyser spraying 100 feet into the air.  The citizens capped the geyser and release the flow once an hour.  You can’t fool mother nature, but in Soda Springs they have her working on a time clock.  If you are a fan of the Guinness Book of World Records, you’ll want to know this is the world’s only captive geyser.

If you would like to try the water for yourself, visit Hooper Springs two miles north of the center of town.

Be sure to see Formation Springs and Cave located at the base of the scenic Aspen Mountains.  The preserve area was established by the Nature Conservancy to protect the crystal clear pools and unique wetland complex.  The water feeding these terraced pools is very high in travertine (calcium carbonate), which has created a unique geology for the area, the most impressive work is Formation Cave which is 10 feet tall at its entrance and several hundred feet long.

West of town on Highway 30 is fascinating place with a simple name.  It’s called Natural Area.  Local weather conditions create a very cold micro-climate which has caused vegetation usually found at higher elevations to thrive.  Most notable is a tree called Limber Pine, which is usually found only on mountainsides above 9,000 feet.

Surrounded by mountains and grain fields, Soda Springs is nestled in beautiful country.

Soda Springs is also base camp for famous 55 mile Highline Recreation Trail, groomed snowmobile trails in and outside town, and groomed cross country ski area. The Soda Springs Nordic Ski Association has a trail maps and grooming schedules.

Kelly Park has softball fields, tennis courts, youth fishing ponds, playground, picnic tables, and several kilometers of walking trails.  The walking trails serve a dual purpose and are groomed for cross country skiing in the winter.

There are also two beautiful Golf Courses to provide summer recreation. The Oregon Trail Golf Club has the original wagon ruts still intact from the Oregon trail. 

Thomas Corigan Park is in downtown Soda Springs.  It is home to the CONDA BUS (a.k.a. the GALLOPING GOOSE) and the DINKY ENGINE.  Lovers of railroad lore will know these to be famous locomotives. Pick up the self guided tour brochures at our Chamber of Commerce when you get to town that will guide you to ten historic buildings and fourteen documented Oregon Trail sites.

Soda Springs City
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Soda Springs, ID 83276

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