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Bear River Massacre Site in Preston Idaho

National Pioneer Historic Byway Marker

The National Pioneer Historic Byway abounds with undiscovered recreational opportunities, scenic and historic sites for families and travelers to discover and enjoy.  Hitch up your wagon and take a ride
back through time! The National Pioneer Historic Byway begins on US 91 at the Utah/Idaho border and continues north to Idaho 34, ending at the Idaho/Wyoming border. Historians will love learning about Southeast Idaho’s Native American, Mormon Pioneer, and Oregon Trail heritage. On the byway, visitors will enjoy pristine geological formations. 
Begin your journey with a visit to a memorial site designated as a National Historic Landmark just north of Preston where, in 1863, the United States Army attacked a Shoshone Native American Tribe. The infamous attack, known as the Bear River Massacre, is studied as part of the American Indian War and American Civil War. At the north end of the Byway, drive through Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge and see the world’s largest concentration of nesting Sand Hill Cranes each April. Printable Map and Itinerary. Watch our Pioneer Historic Byway Video!

Use the map below to find all of the stops listed below it.

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