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Bird Watching at Bear Lake Wild Life Refuge in Idaho

Experience Southeast Idaho Birding!

Lush green valleys dappled with purple sage, and wetlands nestled into mountain vistas Southeast Idaho captivates travelers of all walks.
Bear Lake and Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuges along with Curlew National Grasslands headline the forty five birding sites in Southeast Idaho. Avid birders will want to experience the Bear River area between Preston and Downey, the bird sanctuary at Sterling, and the Snake River area between American Falls and Massacre Rocks State Park.

All birding sites are listed and each species is indexed on the chart in our Birdwatcher’s Guide to Southeast Idaho Brochure.
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Portneuf Valley Audubon Society Field Trips & Birding Info

American Falls Birding Festival

Each Spring the Bird Festival provides bird watchers the opportunity to view a wide variety of birds normally seen in Southeastern Idaho. Field trips to Massacre State Park and the American Falls Reservoir provide a great place for bird watching. The date is timed to overlap wintering birds and the beginning of spring migration. Find this year’s date.

Southeast Idaho Birding Sites