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River Fishing in Southeast Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game

Trout caught at Bear Lake. Photo by Harry Morse.

Native Idaho Trout are plentiful in Southeast Idaho!
Southeast Idaho is about space, lots of it.  We haven’t encroached on the wildlife areas in the manner several other states have.  That means Idaho is paradise for hunting, fishing, or simply observing the abundance of wildlife that share our lands with us.  All of Idaho’s big game species except mountain goats and wild sheep are found in Region Five. Fishing in the region is bountiful.

That’s a surprise to the casual observer.  If you stay on the Interstate highways you’ll see very little of the abundance of waters which make the area a Mecca for dedicated fishermen winter and summer.

Thirty one fishable reservoirs and many streams, creeks, and rivers are located in the 110 mile length and 105 mile breadth of this travel region.
Map of local fishing spots.
Idaho Fish And Game Permits & Reports

Seasons and catch limits vary widely in the region and licenses are required.  Short term and season non resident fishing and hunting licenses and official information publications are available at sporting goods shops in each community.

Fishing on the Bear River at the Oneida Narrows near Preston Idaho

The Idaho Fish & Game Fishing Trailer will be travelling all over southeast Idaho this summer!  It is equipped with fishing gear for use by the public for free, they provide fishing instruction to those that need it, and if you register at the trailer— no fishing license is necessary!! See their schedule and our Map of Idaho Fishing Spots!

Southeast Idaho Hunting

Hunter with bird and dog. Photo by Harry Morse.

Game birds are plentiful.  Vast open spaces support a variety of game birds which prefer landing feeding, and dozens of reservoirs, streams and rivers mean water fowl abound.  Especially worthy of note is the population of Canada goose.  Not only do these geese breed in high numbers in the area, the region is located in the migratory flyway.  These factors combine to make Region Five one of the highest harvest areas for the Great Basin Canada Goose population.

By the way Eastern Hunters, when an Idaho buck is counted it’s just one side. So a four-point buck is a pretty big animal!

Big Game populations are deer, moose and elk.  Idaho hunters are also proficient at archery and you may want to investigate the hunting seasons reserved to bow hunters.

Idaho Fish & Game  1-208-334-3700 or 1-800-275-3474 can provide more information.