Oneida Stake Academy

The three-story hand-hewn stone building was constructed under the careful watch of German-born castle maker, John Nuffer, with donated materials and fund and volunteer labor. This labor of love took place over a period of four years, from 1890 to 1894 by Mormon pioneers intent on giving their children a first-class education. They wanted to inspire culture and excellence int heir children, and it worked. World, national and local leaders, as well as simply good people honed their skills with the academy’s walls. It is one of three, out of 35, similar surviving buildings from the days of Mormon Church sponsored education. It was moved from Preston High School to it’s current location in 2004. Today, the building is being restored as a culturally rich community center/ museum of local history.


E Oneida 1st East Street, Preston, ID 83263


42.096264962283, -111.87398398739


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