Register Rock State Historic Site

Part of Massacre Rocks State Park, was an emigrant campground where travelers inscribed their names on basalt boulders. As travelers on the Oregon Trail paused at Register Rock, they succumbed to the all too human desire to leave word of their passage.  They inscribed their names and often the date of their passage on Register Rock. Today the largest of these rocks is now sheltered by a pavilion, with other inscribed rocks nearby. The site, which is a National Register property includes a picnic area and nearby corral for visitors traveling with horses.

Look, but please don’t touch.  Efforts to emulate the pioneers by leaving behind a bit of graffiti are unlawful and the law is strictly enforced.
Return to Register Road, turn left, and cross over the freeway. Follow signs 2 miles to the park.


Register Rd American Falls, ID 83211


42.652749908557, -113.01870990581

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